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When Fit

Weight Plates

Mike Gittleson was the Director of Strength & Conditioning at the University of Michigan for 30 years and was a part of 15 Football Championships in that time. He explains, I loved challenging my athletes when they were in shape. Each incoming freshman received an interactive workout program over the internet before they arrived on campus which I could monitor, view and update.

When they were fit, I sent them a workout that reflected the demands that were about to be a part of their new lifestyle. I in no way recommend anyone try this, I am only disclosing what I asked them to accomplish and report when I was assured they were ready.

Leg Press – The machine was to be loaded with a weight that the athlete could achieve 20 reps with. The athlete was instructed to stay on the machine until 35 total reps were achieved.

Bench Press 12 Reps – Two spotters are preferred. The athlete used a weight he used for his best set of 6 reps. The goal was a total of 12 reps with the weight. He wasn’t to leave the bench until 12 total reps were achieved.

10 Minutes of Chins – The athlete was to do as many chins as they could.  After 30 seconds of rest, they were to continue chinning and rest 30 seconds again. If the athlete could no longer chin they were to climb to the top of the chin bar and lower themselves as slowly as possible. Resting 30 seconds, they continued until 10 minutes was reached.

Adjustable Chin Up

Sit-ups – 200 reps – the knees bent each rep was to return to the same approximately 75 degree angle. The spotter was to ensure each movement was exactly the same. The athlete was to touch the spotter’s hand with his chest keeping his arms with fingers locked firmly behind his head.



The bench press is performed in multiple ways; a variety of grip widths, feet up, feet on the floor, different speeds of movement, variable ranges of motion, various percentages of 1RM and more. All affect muscle activation during the pressing...

All Five Fingers

Using a Power Grip on the Pendulum Rope Pull The hand has its greatest gripping strength when utilizing a ‘power grip’, that is squeezing with all five fingers. When the thumb is negated, grip strength has the second greatest capability...

Hip Engagement 

There are an abundance of techniques utilized and taught to target the hips when squatting. Ankle, hip and thoracic mobility, posture, quad dominance, bar weight, bar height, stance and form adjustments are just a few of the things coaches address....