Standish, Michigan is a small community anywhere from 1,500 to 1,600 people depending on who is home that day.  Standish is called the "Gateway to Northeastern, Michigan" If you are headed "Up North" to hunt, fish camp, vacation, or on business you will pass through this small community.  The first industry in Standish was started by John Standish.  It was a sawmill, so it is fitting: if you turn right on to East Cedar Street you will immediately come upon the Lumberjack Gym...

There are some great old training pieces and some huge clientele, they are probably guards from the local maximal correctional facility, or decendents of the lumberjacks that delivered the cedar to the origional Mills in Standish..

The lumberjack Gym is a great place to catch a workout or get a collectors T-shirt. Check it out when you need to "Get Strong".  After you train, you are only an hour and seventeen minutes away from the Pendulum Factory.  Come on over and work out again and "Get Stronger".