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Independent Movement Arms                                                                                     

describe the imageFred Fornicola, is the owner of Premiere Personal Fitness in Asbury Park, New Jersey.  Fred explains his approach to exercising with independent work arms on Tyler Hobson’s first generation Pendulum Overhead Press.

Strength training equipment that provides independent movement arms allows for a variety of uses well beyond traditional style equipment.  For instance, it can help in determining if one limb is weaker than the other.  If so, an athlete can focus on these weaker areas and balance his or her strength levels.

Independent movement arms provide performance versatility and can be used as a single or multi-set protocol in any given training session.

Using the shoulder press to illustrate the following example, select a resistance that allows you to perform 15 solid repetitions that can be done to muscular fatigue.

Set #1

Strength Training

Raise both arms to the top of the movement as you would with a normal repetition.  Now, lower the left arm down only and raise it back up in a controlled manner – all the while keeping the right arm up and contracted.  Once the left arm is raised, lower only the right arm and perform a repetition – all the while keeping the left arm up and contracted.  Continue with this protocol until you reach muscular fatigue.  You will obviously get fewer reps than you normally would perform during a straight set with this resistance so do not be surprised.

Set #2

Strength Training

After a short rest, perform a straight set using the same resistance to muscular fatigue. Rest a short period and perform the third set as follows.

Set #3

Strength Training
The third and final set is performed in an alternate or rest/pause fashion.  With both arms in the start position (bottom), only raise the left arm and perform a full repetition.  Once the left arm is down, perform a full repetition with the right arm.  Continue with this protocol until muscular fatigue.

Strength Training

The Pendulum Overhead Press/Incline Press


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