The Seat Angle

On the Pendulum Hip Press, as your glutes contract, you do not find yourself rising up as you would on a leg press with a perpendicular seat.


Get A Grip On Getting Strong

The Pendulum Power Grip Pro and the Pendulum Grip Cart are functional tools that provide predetermined gripping patterns that maximize hand strength results when training.


Subacromial Space Width

The shoulder has the greatest range of motion of any joint in the body, it's mobility can also lead to shoulder joint problems.


Finger Force Modification

In training the hands it is all-important that the various hand gripping positions are addressed. The Pendulum Grip Cart was designed to maximize strength by consigning implements for specific anatomical ways that objects are generally held.


Dumbbell Incline

The pectoralis major has two different heads, the sternocostal and clavicular, together they provide adduction and medial rotation at the shoulder joint. The incline press promotes the greatest synergistic activation of both parts of the pectoralis major.