Homer High School's Pendulum Rack System

Pit Shark Belt Squats, Assisted Resisisted Chin Dips, Weight Stacks, Glute Hams, Rope Pulls, Bridging between racks, Spotter platforms, Technique trays, Core developers, Incline Arms, Band attachments and an assortment of other items all can be added to the power racks in the future.


SHU Saints

Siena Heights University is located in Adrian, Michigan. Former Michigan football player Jim Lyall is their first head coach.


Preventative Sports Medicine

The purpose of head and neck training is to develop the structures that are important in posture, balance, movement, strength, cooling, oxygen uptake and protection of the student athlete by lowering concussive forces.


Counting Calories

How we utilize and prepare and process foods all can affect the number of calories people consume.