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An update from Rogers Athletic

As of May 11th, we are able to resume our production and shipping to their full capacity. We are very happy to be able to resume these activities so that we can serve you and the rest of our customers and partners!

Thank you for your patience over these past few weeks and thank you for working with us. 

Our thoughts and prayers are still with those who are fighting this pandemic. As was shared previously on social media, ROGERS has been active during the past few weeks. We had an opportunity to partner with a leading medical technology company to supply components to produce a bed to support the COVID-19 fight. The bed is a patient platform that was developed to serve those on the front lines of the crisis.

Now that we have resumed building our core products again, we can begin to quickly ship products that are in-stock. We are now able to provide accurate shipping dates for products yet to be manufactured as well. We are moving quickly to begin the manufacturing process so you can have your equipment as fast as possible.

Our sales and office staff are continuing to work from their homes at this time and are taking phone calls and responding to requests from the website. If you need any assistance, please contact us here or call our office at (800) 438-4499. If you’ve been working with a representative directly, you can contact them as well. 

Thank you again for your patience during this difficult time. We look forward to serving you!”


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