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NEW from Impact: Anchor HL

The ANCHOR HL is designed to provide ultimate flexibility in the Athletic Training room and beyond.  Whether you are examining,  treating or taping the table will adjust to your specific needs.  With the ANCHOR HL we set out to create a table that would combine three different pieces of furniture into one allowing maximum use of space in the modern athletic training room.  The backrest and leg pads have been specifically designed to allow the table to convert from a treatment table to a taping station no matter the size of the athlete.  While the height adjustment will accommodate athletic trainers of any height.   There is no need for a separate modality cart as the ANCHOR HL has ample space for tape, towels and modality storage.  


Overall length:                 77” (excluding headrest)

Overall width:                    30” (with slider drawers pushed in, 49” with slider drawers pulled out)

Height:                                 adjustable anywhere between 27” – 40”

Back pad:                             27” x 30” adjustable from 0° (horizontal) to 75° (about 0°, 18°, 32°, 43°, 54°, 64°, 75°)

Leg pad:                               37” x 15” adjustable from 0° (horizontal) to 75° (about 0°, 18°, 32°, 43°, 54°, 64°, 75°)

Headrest:                            6.25” x 12.25” vertically adjustable 2.25”, horizontally adjustable 6.75”





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